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The Community Yoga Outreach Project (CYOP) provides free yoga classes at various critical locations around the Detroit area. More and more research studies are beginning to show that inner-city youth benefit greatly from yoga. Yoga helps provide much needed stress relief for children who deal with poverty, family drug addiction, and sexual abuse on a daily basis. Yoga is also an excellent alternative to medication for hyper-active youth. It is our hope to provide under-privileged youth, among other special populations, the skills to cope with stress, learn to take care of themselves, and focus their attention. Our outreach model provides a sustainable way to bring yoga directly to the people who will benefit the most. 

CYOP supports it's volunteer teachers by providing yoga mats and matching them to a Karma Yoga project that fits their areas of interest.

CYOP provides yoga teachers to our outreach partners in two ways :

Volunteers: CYOP matches qualified yoga teachers seeking the rewarding experience of a Karma Yoga project to an outreach partner.

Work Exchange: Yoga 4 Peace sponsors 1-2 scholarship students per teacher training session. Our scholarship students agree to do work exchange for the training in one of our outreach locations.